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We’re celebrating our 1st birthday as a provider of Duke of Edinburgh’s Award adventurous journeys and residential projects. Here is our present to you.

Secure a date for a double journey, that is both practice and qualifying journeys with a day of reflection in between, from bronze through to gold, in Terms 1 or 2 and we’ll include the middle day with Outward Bound initiatives at no extra cost. We want your students to experience the life affirming outcomes of an OBA program that we can’t incorporate into a standard Duke of Ed program.

As always, we’ll manage the preparation, planning, delivery and assessment of all your Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Adventurous Journeys and residential projects, removing the risk, time and resources of managing this internally.

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award was modeled on Kurt Hahn’s solution to the “Six Declines of Modern Youth”. Kurt Hahn also founded Outward Bound so we’re like siblings. Both are committed to helping young people reach their full potential.

Outward Bound Australia deliver Duke of Edinburgh’s Award programs in NSW, QLD, VIC and WA. See all our programs on our Duke of Ed website.

Claim your $10,000 here, read about our new Rite of Passage program and help your teachers be courageous leaders.

Contact our Duke of Ed Coordinator Chelsea:

Or, Contact our Business Development Managers

If you’d like Outward Bound to act as Award Leader for your school, administering and assessing the Physical Recreation, Skills and Service components in addition to the adventurous journeys and residential projects, please contact Ian Wells on 0419 203374.

Outward Bound Australia respect and admire the courage and proficiency of the predominantly volunteer firefighters who continue to battle fires across our country. Our thoughts are with the communities and wildlife impacted and we will continue to assist with emergency accommodation, food and on the ground assistance.