We conduct thorough Risk Assessments of all routes prior to a Duke of Edinburgh’s Award adventurous journey. All our supervisors have your child’s welfare as their primary concern. Hand picked for their empathy and compassion as much as their outdoor skills, our supervisors all have Working With Children Clearance, Outdoor Recreation skills and First Aid qualifications.

At least one supervisor on every Adventurous Journey will have thorough, recent knowledge of the route. They will have a satellite phone and Spot tracker (so you can follow their journey online via GPS and we can track it from HQ). If there are two supervisors they will be in constant two-way radio contact with each other to instantly communicate any issues on the track. Your children are in safe hands.

There is a dedicated Program Coordinator for every Adventurous Journey who is on call 24 hours a day for the supervisor. They monitor weather and track the group to ensure they are walking as scheduled.

Writing your Duke of Ed Adventurous Journey report is the easy part. You’re just writing about what you’ve done and what you know.

You’ve arrived home from your journey, dropped your pack on the floor and told Mum and Dad, “It was the hardest thing I’ve ever done!” But after a shower, you say, “… you know what, it was actually a lot of fun too.” Next thing – write your report now while it’s fresh in your mind. The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award (Australia) have outlined how to write your report here: Duke of Ed Resources.

We take participants doing either their practice or qualifying journey on the same hike. We expect qualifying students to take more of a leadership role, and we find they thrive with this opportunity.

Understanding a map and compass are extremely handy skills to know, and it satisfies Duke of Ed criteria. Our supervisors will teach you all the skills you need to know.

Your child might surprise you, and themselves how strong they are. They grow on DoE journeys and relish the challenge. Over 99% of participants we’ve had on Duke of Ed hikes complete the journey. The tiny percentage who didn’t was due to pre-existing injuries or due to grossly underestimating the challenge of hiking with a backpack.

Our Duke of Edinburgh’s award hike routes are challenging but not extreme, they are designed that way. We are bound by campsite locations so some days are longer than others, however, longer days are usually flatter. Anyone with a basic level of fitness and the right attitude can complete a Duke of Ed hike with Outward Bound Australia. Our goal is for all participants to complete the adventurous journey and achieve their goals.

The group will be divided into smaller ‘map groups’ of between four and seven people to meet Duke of Ed requirements. These ‘map groups’ work as a team and share responsibilities as required by The Award.

This gives you the opportunity to:

  • work with your team, problem solve and make decisions together
  • make new friends
  • walk at your own pace and stop when you need to
  • challenge yourself physically to the level you want

The following information is taken from Duke of Ed ORB User Guides. Download the full version from http://www.dukeofed.com.au/online-record-book-next-generation/.

If you have any questions about the ORB, or if you’re having issues uploading your Adventurous Journey report, please contact the ORB help desk (not us, Outward Bound Australia. As your Assessor/Supervisor, we can’t access your ORB.)

No, you need to make sure your award leader (DoE coordinator at school, open award center) sign’s off on you attending our journey’s.

Here is an equipment list: Equipment Checklist

Outward Bound do not hire equipment unless you are completing a journey with us at our Canberra base. Give us a call if you would like to discuss further.

Yes. They are welcome to join us on one ‘catch up’ hike or complete all their journeys with us. Whatever is suitable for you.

No. Adults, whether intentionally or otherwise, are always seen as authority figures. This interferes with the decision making process of the group.

If they are between 14 and 25 years of age they are welcome to come on the hike. They don’t need to be doing the Duke of Edinburgh’s award to participate but this is not a childminding service. They will be expected to participate and contribute with the main group.

We create and monitor a closed Facebook group for every open Duke of Ed hike (ie available for anyone to join, not for a specific school). You and your child can join this group and ‘meet’ fellow participants (and sometimes the supervisors) prior to the hike. You can ask to share equipment or catch a ride to the start point or just simply introduce yourself.

You will receive further journey information 2-4 weeks before journey commencement including an email invitation to join the private FaceBook group for your Journey. This is where you will find all the program information and be able to chat with the other participants and potentially plan to share gear like tents / stoves.