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The Duke Of Ed adventurous journey is more than reading maps and sleeping in tents. It’s about enjoying the natural environment, escaping the school books for a couple of days and having a laugh with your mates.

At the end of each Duke Of Ed Adventurous Journey you need to complete a trip report or journey log.

The students from De la Salle Revesby chose to make a video for their report. They’re a great bunch of kids and their hikes are a lot of fun. This video really captures the essence of their Adventurous Journey. Check it out; we think they’ve done a great job.

Even if your school isn’t doing a supervised hike like De La Salle did (read about our School Expeditions and Camps), you can still join an Open Hike every school holidays where participants from all over Sydney and NSW come together for their hike. You’ll get the same friendly feeling and easy rapport, even if you’re not with your usual school mates. Read more about our Adventurous Journey program.